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Lex Mundi Headline News

Lex Mundi and LexisNexis "2011 Global Corporate Counsel Survey
on Selection and Use of Outside Counsel in Foreign Jurisdictions"
Reveals Increase in International Issues


(HOUSTON, November 7, 2011) Lex Mundi and LexisNexis have published the results of a co-conducted survey of global corporate counsel. The survey sought to find out how corporate counsel locate and use outside counsel for matters outside their home jurisdictions. The survey also probed related issues, such as the jurisdictions and legal areas where the volume of work is predicted to grow as well as the status of the in-house legal department.

The survey results reveal an increasing need for legal services in jurisdictions outside of the respondents’ home jurisdictions with three-quarters of the respondents reporting that they have ongoing international, cross-border legal matters. Among the most frequent legal needs faced in non-home jurisdictions are: litigation or arbitration; intellectual property; trademarks and patents; corporate matters; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; and employment and labor issues. The survey also revealed that while companies have consolidated the number of law firms they use in their home country, they are using more firms for international legal issues.

Looking ahead, respondents expect greater increases in the amount of work going to foreign outside counsel than to national outside counsel with 22% of the respondents reporting that they expect to spend more in the next 12 months on international legal matters. Jurisdictions where respondents expect to have the greatest legal needs outside their home jurisdictions are the U.S., Brazil, Western Europe, China and Canada.

Other key points revealed in the survey were:

  • When seeking outside counsel in a country where they do not have an established relationship, most in-house counsel begin by asking someone they know for a referral, including their local law firm. This was followed by contacting another in-house lawyer and current counsel with international offices. When they have recurring work in another jurisdiction or country, 60% contact the same firm repeatedly.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the companies surveyed have used an international or global firm to coordinate a multi-jurisdictional matter and 28% have used a law firm network. While both groups were satisfied with the experience, the level of “very satisfied” companies was higher for the networks than for the international firms.
  • Lex Mundi is the most-recognized law firm network by global general counsel. The level of familiarity with Lex Mundi was more than three times that of the next network. In addition, 40% of the companies surveyed had worked with a Lex Mundi member firm, and 9% had selected a Lex Mundi firm to work with them solely based on its membership in Lex Mundi.

Complete survey results are available online at: