Firm Overview

Amir & Amir Law Associates (“Amir & Amir”) is a leading corporate law firm in Bangladesh that has one of the oldest, largest and most successful legal practices in the country. It is Bangladesh’s sole Lex Mundi member firm and partners are members of Law Asia, IBA, office bearers of SAARCLAW etc. Established in 1964, the firm has a large national and international clientele. The firm is serviced by Barristers (qualified to practice in the United Kingdom), Advocates, Legal and Corporate Consultants assisted by a full range of legal support personnel and paralegals to provide client-focused solutions best-suited to the needs and circumstances of their clients. Lead by founder and eminent jurist, M. Amir-Ul Islam, partners of Amir & Amir act as panel lawyers for various embassies and ministries and are frequently invited to policy-making forums as advisers and counsels. Some members of the firm have also been elevated to the Bench and become Chief Justice of the country.

The firm has an active pro bono practice known as the “Law and Society Trust, Bangladesh” which strives to: advocate on issues of human rights; provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violation; offer alternative dispute resolution regarding family and matrimonial disputes; review legislation and mechanism for effective tobacco control in Bangladesh and work on environment and energy issues.

Areas of Practice

Banking, Finance and Securities and Exchange Regulation The firm advises local and foreign banks including the central bank of Bangladesh on regulatory issues, general financing, corporate recovery and insolvency, project finance and debt restructuring.

Corporate and Commercial The firm advises on formation of companies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, working capital, investment, cross border transactions and provide secretarial services. It advises clients on strategy and assists them during negotiation, documentation, closing, enforcement of remedies and restructuring.

Intellectual Property The firm advises both domestic and international clients on all aspects of intellectual property including trademarks, patents and copyright. Amir & Amir has played a significant role in the development of intellectual property understanding in Bangladesh and runs training programs and seminars in collaboration with the International Development Law Organization.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Litigators of the firm are recognized as the lawyers of choice by clients involved in intricate issues of law and policy. Amir & Amir represents national and international companies and state agencies in litigations within the country, as well as in domestic and international arbitrations. The lawyers at Amir & Amir are trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution and frequently participate in mediation, conciliation and negotiation for clients in business transactions.

Other Areas of Practice The firm actively practices and advises clients in the areas of admiralty and maritime law; environmental law; labor and employment law; public and constitutional law; regulatory affairs and tax law.

Amir & Amir Law Associates
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