Firm Overview

LOGOS was established in 1907, and is one of the premier law firms in Iceland. The firm specialises in corporate and commercial law, servicing both the international business community and local clients requiring international legal assistance. The LOGOS London office was established in 2006, making LOGOS uniquely placed as the ideal adviser to both Icelandic businesses in their international relationships and to foreign businesses with interests in the Icelandic market. This international experience and reputation puts LOGOS at the forefront of most significant cross-border projects, often acting for the international banks, corporations and investors participating in Icelandic projects.

The competitive edge of the firm is the result of the systematic recruitment of Iceland’s finest legal talent and continued investment in training and development throughout each lawyer’s career.

International work:

LOGOS has an outstanding track record in helping clients to take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities in a range of industries not only in Iceland, but also in Europe, the US and elsewhere. The firm has advised its longest-standing clients in relation to mergers and acquisitions (and also their more routine business transactions) outside Iceland, including the fields of aviation and shipping. It is respected by foreign investors in Iceland for its expertise in project finance, loan agreements, structured finance, tax structuring and equity investment. Perhaps not surprisingly given the turbulent times the Icelandic economy has experienced, the firm also has a strong team of international financial restructuring and bankruptcy lawyers, whose skills have been well-utilised in the years following the 2008 crisis.

Areas of Practice

• Aviation
• Administration and Development
• Banking and Finance
• Competition (antitrust)
• Construction
• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Law
• Employment and Benefits
• Energy Law
• European Union and European Economic Area Law
• Financial Markets
• Financial Restructuring of Companies
• Insolvency Law
• Insurance and Torts
• Intellectual Property and E-commerce
• Litigation and Arbitration
• Media and Entertainment
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Private Equity
• Project Finance and Public Procurement
• Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
• Securities and Telecommunications
• Shipping and Transportation
• Tax Law

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