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Firm Overview

Established in 1982, Koep & Partners offers comprehensive, multifaceted legal services to clients with business interests in Southern Africa, focusing on corporate and property legal work.

Areas of Practice:

Administrative Law The firm consistently handles review applications to the High Court of Namibia, mostly with regard to actions taken by government officials in ministries and/or parastatals.

Banking and Finance The firm represents two of the largest banks in Namibia and currently assist the only two banks that have been awarded new banking licenses during 2014 to commence with their banking business. The firm handles financial transactions representing lenders or borrowers, the restructuring and mergers of local banks and provides advice on compliance with regulatory requirements to local banks and foreign entities interested to enter the financial market.

Competition and Antitrust Law We are a recognized authority , attends to merger notifications and appearances before the Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) and contributes to various publications in this field. With thresholds for merger notifications ranging between about USD 1 million and USD 2 million, most transactions in Namibia requires notification to and approval by the NaCC.

Corporate and Commercial The firm advises on all aspects of general corporate and commercial law, including the establishing of new businesses in Namibia, the regulatory framework in which businesses are expected to operate and the drafting of any kind of commercial contracts.

Employment and Labor The firm specializes in matters relating to Namibian employment and labor law, including mediation, arbitration and litigation concerning employment/labor disputes.

Insolvency The firm represents the busiest liquidators, has extensive knowledge of Schemes of Arrangement, restructuring and applications for insolvency and insolvency interrogations.

Insurance The firm represents some of the largest insurance companies in Namibia and litigates on behalf both insured and the insurer.

Intellectual Property The firm provides specialist services in trademarks and copyright and also attends to the filing of patents and designs in Namibia.

Litigation and Arbitration The firm specializes in civil and commercial litigation and has been involved in national arbitrations and ADR. The High Court of Namibia recently introduced court imposed and assisted mediation for several types of civil disputes.

Mergers and Acquisitions The firm’s transactions in this area range from small private acquisitions to advising global companies on takeovers of companies in Namibia.

Mining and Energy The firm specializes in mining law and represents some of the largest mining houses in Namibia and publishes in international journals on these topics. The firm regularly conducts due diligences on mineral licenses and mining or exploration companies and plays an active role in the development energy and environmental laws.

Property The firm provides all inclusive services on property law, drafts property sale and financing agreements, daily attends to the transfer of properties and sectional titles and the registration of mortgage bonds, leases, servitudes and other security documents.

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