Hwang Mok Park, P.C.
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Firm Overview

Hwang Mok Park, P.C. (“HMP”) is proud of its unwavering and long-standing commitment to leadership in the legal industry. In an unremitting pursuit of business solutions and legal excellence, HMP has been at the forefront in responding to the changing needs of clients doing business in Korea. With strengths developed in the fields of finance and banking, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, domestic and international litigation and arbitration, and corporate and business consulting, HMP has made a name for itself by advising clients and establishing effective liaisons with foreign law firms on complex commercial transactions, joint venture projects, cross-border securitizations and international litigation and arbitration cases.

After its 2009 merger with notable litigation-specializing Hanseung Law Firm, HMP is better positioned to serve clients who require litigation representation in Korea and remains at the forefront of current legal and market developments at home and abroad. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, HMP provides expert legal advice and services in the areas of admiralty; anti-dumping; aviation; bankruptcy and restructuring; capital markets; corporate law; foreign investment; intellectual property; insurance; international trade; labor; media and telecommunications; mergers and acquisitions; real estate; securities; and taxation. Seasoned by years of experience, HMP is especially adept at handling those legal issues which are unique to foreign multinational clients.

Combining an in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations with a global understanding of the international business environment, HMP is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of professional service. To meet clients’ growing expectations regarding legal services offered by Korean law firms, HMP has numerous experienced foreign licensed lawyers who work collaboratively with the firm’s Korean licensed lawyers. The firm also has a division offering tax and accounting and intellectual property consulting services to clients.

HMP is committed to close client partnerships through the accessibility, responsiveness and
professionalism of its people and delivers personalized services and effective solutions.

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