Confidence in Choice

With Lex Mundi’s network of premier member law firms, you can be confident of receiving knowledgeable, experienced assistance from legal professionals who are leaders in their local markets. 

Our 160 member firms have a presence in 100+ countries, providing clients with preferred access to more than 21,000 lawyers who can deliver on-the-ground expertise in virtually any market, anyplace in the world.

Recruiting Standards and Procedures

Lex Mundi has high membership standards and employs a rigorous method of selecting and admitting new members.

Membership Review Policy and Procedures

To ensure that member firms continue to meet the organization’s high standards, we review each member firm regularly. Membership is terminated if a firm does not meet the standards.

Commitment to Excellence

 We share and support our member firms’ commitment to excellence through professional development initiatives that:

  • Enhance member firms’ ability to offer exceptional client services; 
  • Advance the practices of member firm lawyers; 
  • Help establish and bolster member firms’ own professional development enterprises; and
  • Deliver global best practices resources to help member firms meet the challenges of doing business locally, nationally and internationally.

Lex Mundi works continuously to raise the bar of excellence for all member firms through efforts such as the cutting-edge in-person training programs of the Lex Mundi Institute, , our best practices programs, regional professional development support services and our women in the law initiative. 

Service Standards

Lex Mundi firms share an unyielding dedication to clients. Each member adheres to a general service philosophy as well as to specific service standards – such as returning telephone calls by the next business day – to assure a high degree of consistency, quality, satisfaction and confidence.

Involvement of Clients

We have formed a Client Advisory Council as a forum to obtain feedback directly from in-house counsel in a variety of areas that enhance member firms’ ability to better meet the demands and exceed the service expectations of clients.