Construction and Infrastructure

Member firm lawyers in the Lex Mundi Construction and Infrastructure group have the expertise and experience clients need to manage the issues and overcome the risks and challenges that can arise on projects worldwide. The group is part of an expansive global network of 160 leading law firms in more than 100 countries, and has worked with a diverse range of participants in the construction process – including multinational contractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, equipment providers and project managers.

Lex Mundi member firm lawyers have a broad, deep knowledge of complex construction and infrastructure matters such as power generation, bridges and airports, as well as traditional construction issues such as contractor/subcontractor practices, contract formats and commercial construction. Additionally, our members also provide high-quality, cost-effective assistance in emerging areas that include upgrading of infrastructure, “greening” of power and construction projects and specialized financing.

By connecting clients to the in-depth expertise and local market insight of our member firms, the Construction and Infrastructure group can help shape effective legal solutions almost anywhere in the world.

Experience and Areas of Expertise

  • Selecting project delivery systems
  • Drafting and administering contracts, including change orders
  • Providing risk avoidance guidance to clients
  • Working with clients to develop appropriate insurance packages for projects
  • Representing project managers and construction managers
  • Representing architects and engineers
  • Representing heavy equipment providers to the construction and mining industries
  • Representing clients on government construction projects both locally and nationally
  • Responding to government safety investigations
  • Participating in alternate energy development in the biomass, wind and solar industries
  • Working with clients to identify and comply with financing requirements related to a specific project
  • Representing clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation when claims arise
  • Assisting governments in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Compliance with applicable codes and regulations wherever the project is located

Connections to Even More Knowledge, Skills and Services

When your legal needs move beyond construction and infrastructure issues, lawyers in our network can connect you to the additional knowledge, experience, skills and services you might require from their full-service commercial law firms.