Employee Benefits and Pensions

Whether your employees and consultants are based in a single city or in locations around the world, the Lex Mundi Employee Benefits and Pensions group offers the expertise, resources and global reach necessary to manage critical issues related to compensation and benefits.

Through our worldwide network of executive compensation, employee benefits and pension lawyers – drawn from Lex Mundi’s 160 leading member law firms in more than 100 countries – the group provides employers with a high-quality, cost-effective way to ensure compliance whenever and wherever compensation matters arise.

From complex global equity arrangements to advice on traditional compensation, benefits and pension matters, you can rely on Lex Mundi member firms to deliver seamless legal solutions on local, national or transnational matters.

Experience and Areas of Expertise

  • Issues concerning compensation for top executives, including equity and deferred compensation arrangements
  • Interplay of domestic and foreign laws applicable to global benefits for employees and executive compensation plans
  • Pension, profit-sharing and 401(k) plan operation and fiduciary compliance requirements
  • Design, draft and implementation of health, cafeteria, wellness and other similar types of plans
  • Compliance with local and national regulatory requirements and representation before regulatory/government agencies
  • Privacy and information management issues
  • Consultation in mergers and acquisitions
  • Trans-border compensation and employee benefits matters
  • Training and education for human resource managers
  • Guidance with required communications with employees

Connections to Even More Knowledge, Skills and Services

When your legal needs move beyond employee benefits and pension issues, lawyers in our network can connect you to the additional knowledge, experience, skills and services you might require from their full-service commercial law firms.