Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring is a key practice within Lex Mundi. The group works on behalf of clients in all major sectors across the globe.


About Us

Members of the group work together across continents and in conjunction with other practice and industry group specialists to provide coordinated cross-border advice to stakeholders in distressed situations.

The group works with a broad range of clients including corporations, banks and other lenders, creditors’ committees, insolvency professionals and fiduciaries, shareholders, directors, private equity and hedge funds, and distressed debt investors.

In addition to acting on legal matters, the group holds annual seminars and workshops in the world’s major financial centers.

Contact Us

For more information on this group and related activities, contact: Stephanie DeLao, Business Development Manager, at Tel. +1.713.335.0125.


David Gruber
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP
Suite 2500, 700 West Georgia Street
Vancouver British Columbia V7Y 1B3
Tel: 1.604.684.9151

Regional Vice Chair Europe/Middle East/Africa:
Michal Barlowski
Wardyński & Partners
Aleje Ujazdowskie 10
Warsaw 00-478
Tel: 48.22.437.82.00

Regional Vice Chair Latin America / Caribbean:
Guilherme Bechara
Demarest Advogados
Av. Pedroso de Moraes, 1201
Centro Cultural Ohtake
Sao Paulo 05419-001
Tel: 55.11.3356.1800

Regional Vice Chair North America:
Jacob Brown
Akerman LLP
50 North Laura Street
Suite 3100
Jacksonville Florida 32202-3646
Tel: 1.904.798.3700