Supporting Women Lawyers

Lex Mundi GOAL

Retaining highly qualified women lawyers is a priority of Lex Mundi member firms. Lex Mundi Global Opportunities for Advancement and Leadership for Women in the Legal Profession – also known as Lex Mundi GOAL – addresses this challenge by identifying and providing specific resources that assist firms in the advancement and retention of women within the legal profession.

Our objective is to help shape a more diverse workplace, to foster more positive working relationships and to ensure that the contributions, capabilities and potential of a high-value talent pool are recognized as well as maximized.

The mission of Lex Mundi GOAL is to assist Lex Mundi member firms to:

  • Retain women lawyers;
  • Increase and enrich women lawyers’ business development opportunities and growth; and
  • Advance women lawyers to positions of leadership within their firms and within Lex Mundi.