With the global market becoming increasingly competitive, international taxation is becoming more and more important to companies considering cross-border investments.

As the world’s leading network of independent law firms worldwide – with in-depth, market-specific experience in more than 100 countries – Lex Mundi delivers the insight and advice necessary to make intelligent tax-related decisions.

Through our Tax group, you get access to top-tier lawyers who bring a broad, deep knowledge not only of relevant issues but also of the manner in which the tax legislation of each jurisdiction interacts with the legislation of other jurisdictions. As a result, our member firm lawyers can help you develop and execute smart, sound strategies based on an indigenous understanding of local markets.

Our member firm network further connects clients to multijurisdictional advice on how to take advantage of the major tax benefits available to their businesses and cross-border transactions. As a result, you are ready to identify and seize opportunities almost anywhere in the world, and successfully manage the disputes – and overcome the challenges – at the local, national and trans-national levels.

Experience and Areas of Expertise

  • Structuring cross-border transactions
  • Designing tax efficient structures
  • Resolving tax disputes (domestic and international)
  • Advising on the interaction of tax treaties
  • Counseling on tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Dealing with transfer pricing issues
  • Complying with tax law
  • Advising on governmental relationships
  • Counseling on indirect taxation

Connections to Even More Knowledge, Skills and Service

When your legal needs move beyond tax issues, lawyers in our network can connect you to the additional knowledge, experience, skills and services you might require from their full-service commercial law firms.