World Ready

For Your Legal Challenges Around the Globe

To perform globally, you need to have an edge locally.  To succeed in today’s ever-changing global marketplace, requires an in-depth understanding of local cultures, economies, laws, governments, trends and business climates. This kind of edge not only enhances your competitive position, but also allows you to anticipate – and even influence – changes in the market, and to react quickly and effectively.

Through our World Ready network, you are connected to the resources of experienced and knowledgeable law firms around the world.

What does World Ready mean for you?

It means that you can rely on the Lex Mundi network of 160 premier member law firms in more than 100 countries for:

Indigenous Insight

All of our member firms are territory experts in their jurisdictions. Each has broad knowledge and understanding of their respective markets – how those markets were developed, their peculiarities, their drivers and their rules and regulations. With the Lex Mundi World Ready network you can navigate local legal and business landscapes around the world.

Innovative Solutions

Through close collaboration, Lex Mundi member firms provide innovative thinking that keeps you one step ahead of market trends and allows you to anticipate and influence changes in the market in order to react quickly and effectively.

Smart Resourcing

With 160 premier member firms in 100+ countries, you have at your fingertips a global resource of unmatched breadth and depth.

Cross-Border Connectivity

Our member firms work together fluidly and efficiently across borders, often in tight timeframes.  When the call comes in they can mobilize cross-border teams with the combined local perspectives needed to quickly interpret your opportunities and challenges.

Lex Mundi is World Ready, providing the insight, innovation, resources and cross-border connections to help you meet the challenges of doing business in virtually any market, virtually anywhere in the world.