Belize promotes development of a mixed economy in which the Government utilizes borrowing mainly on concessional terms, for infrastructure development and private sector support. English is the official language and the legal system is based on English Common Law and local statute. There is an established hierarchy of courts with final appeals vested in the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Principal exports are citrus, bananas, sugar, marine products, garments, timber and services. Tourism is a major income earner. The Barrier Reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere and is a haven for fishermen, divers and snorkelers.

The population of Belize is about 333,000 and its land area is about 22,923 square kilometers. 

Lex Mundi in Belize

Lex Mundi provides coverage in Belize through its member firm, Barrow and Williams. Barrow & Williams is located in the heart of Belize City in close proximity to the Courts and major commercial enterprises. Since opening its doors, the firm has become one of Belize’s leading commercial law firms. This firm has a broad based practice with an excellent reputation for offering a full range of quality legal service. Their success has been achieved through competent representation, high ethical standards and open cordial relations with clients’ government personnel and the legal community.

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