Costa Rica

Divided into seven provinces, Costa Rica has a population of 4.3 million people living in its year-round tropical but gentle climate. The primary language spoken in Costa Rica is Spanish. The Costa Rica legal system is based on the Roman Civil model.

Life Sciences, financial outsourcing, software development, and ecotourism have become the prime industries in Costa Rica's economy. High levels of education among its residents make the country an attractive investing location. Costa Rica stands out as the most visited nation in the Central American region. Tourism earns more foreign exchange than the combined exports of the country's three main traditional crops: bananas, pineapples and coffee.

Lex Mundi in Costa Rica

Lex Mundi provides coverage in Costa Rica through Facio & Cañas, Lex Mundi member firm for Costa Rica. The firm was founded in 1942.  With 38 lawyers and a total of 110 legal and non-legal support personnel, Facio & Cañas is one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Costa Rica.

Most of the firm’s members have complemented their legal training with post-graduate degrees from prestigious higher education institutions in the United States and Europe. Today, Facio & Cañas is Costa Rica’s most prestigious law firm and one of the most renowned in Latin America having a strong reputation of in-depth professional experience in all the areas of business law.

Representative Experience in Costa Rica: 

  • Assisting St. Jude Medical in the installation and operation of a medical device plant;
  • Representing Southwest Airlines in obtaining all permits and authorizations for air flight transportation services;
  • Representing Marriott International in the negotiation of several license agreements for various tyoes of hotel operations; 
  • Representing McDonald’s Corporation in the purchase of McDonald’s franchises in the Latin America region; 
  • Advising Access Corp (the largest privately held records and information management services provider in the United States – and the third largest provider in the industry) on the acquisition of two private companies in Costa Rica; and 
  • Representing the Brazilian company OAS in the negotiations and settlement with the Government due to the termination of a concession for construction of a highway.

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