Bowmans Expands in Africa with Offices in Malawi and Zambia

Bowmans, Lex Mundi member firm for South Africa, announced its expansion in Africa with new offices in Malawi and Zambia. These offices will help the firm achieve its stated intent of being on the ground with clients in more key African jurisdictions.

Both Malawi and Zambia are in the World Bank’s top 10 Sub-Saharan Africa countries in terms of ease of doing business for 2020. Both jurisdictions are also part of the regional free-trade area known as the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) which comprises 21 member states.

Malawi hosts the COMESA Competition Commission, which is responsible for enforcement of COMESA competition law. Zambia hosts the COMESA Secretariat, which is responsible for the development of overall economic and trade policies for the bloc.

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