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Demarest Launches its New Social Responsibility Program

In 2017, Demarest Advogados decided to extend aspects of its Social Responsibility and launched Demarest ao Redor (Demarest all around), with the aim of strengthening the firm's relationship with the communities in which its offices are located.

The the areas surrounding the offices provide the firm with infrastructure that makes business viable, and the firm recognize that their actions can affect these surroundings in a variety of ways.

Demarest ao Redor was born with this very aim of strengthening relationships with the local population and its surroundings, having a positive impact on the community and contributing to improvements in infrastructure and the social growth of the group to which they belong.

Demarest ao Redor's first action was to adopt the Professor Victor Oliva State School, through the Adoção Afetiva (Affective Adoption) project, brainchild of the Government of the State of São Paulo. The initiative aims to bring together entrepreneurs and schools in the State of São Paulo, creating involvement between the parties and ensuring better structure.

The firm and its staff's involvement goes beyond financial investments and donations, mainly in the form of voluntary activities, encouraging the transformation of the school environment at the Professor Victor Oliva State School.

"The firm believes in education as an instrument for transforming society, and we are very happy with the realization of this new project" declared Paulo Coelho da Rocha, Demarest Co-managing partner.


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