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Gide Loyrette Nouel Announces Launch of GIDE 255

Gide Loyrette Nouel A. A. R.P.I., Lex Mundi member firm for France, announced the creation of Gide 255 along with a new dedicated team that will assist organizations with their digital transformations and a launch of a new website.

Gide 255 is offering its clients a flexible method that aids in brainstorming, decision-making, implementation and legal structuring regarding their digital strategy. The firm’s focus and dedication to leading innovation have led to the creation of Gide 255 and helping organizations move out of their comfort zone, creating and remodeling themselves using digital tools.

A multidisciplinary team led by Franck Guiader, Jennifer D’hoir, and Mathieu Lucchesi aim to offer “augmented” advice on changing business models and new behaviors that are deeply rooted in digital transformation. The Gide 255 team will also offer high-end support to help advance the changing legal and regulatory framework both in France and abroad, whether ongoing or to come.

To learn more about Gide Loyrette Nouel, Lex Mundi member firm for France, visit their website. For more information about Gide 255 and how they can offer insights on the latest developments in blockchain, ICOs, artificial intelligence, automation and various aspects of data processing, visit their site.

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