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Established in 1990, Penkov, Markov & Partners is not only one of the leading but also one of the oldest law firms in Bulgaria. The firm currently has approximately 44 partners and associated members, several external legal consultants, 10 trainees, 15 assistants and staff members. The firm has offices throughout Bulgaria, as well as cooperation partners in Vienna, Austria and Dortmund, Germany.

Penkov, Markov & Partners publishes and distributes 2,200 copies of its own newspaper, Lega InterConsult News, to a large number of clients, governmental and other organizations, which is also available at In addition, Penkov, Markov & Partners is engaged in elucidating all of the legal regulations related to customs procedures, employment, imports and exports, foreign currency regime, foreign investments, social security and taxation, as well as the commercial register and renewables which determine the overall investment climate in Bulgaria.

Penkov, Markov & Partners is the first Bulgarian law firm certified with a Quality Management Certification ISO 9001:2000 issued by Bureau Veritas Certification and subsequently recertified under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015.

Penkov, Markov & Partner has been twice awarded with "Superbrands" - recognition for exceptional reputation of the trademark Penkov, Markov & Partners among its current and potential clients, partners and investors and is currently nominated for the third time for the award.

Areas of Practice:

• Banking and Financial Law
• Commercial and Business Law
• Competition and Antitrust
• Customs
• Energy, Renewable Energy and Natural Resources
• Foreign Investments and Privatizations
• Insolvency & Restructuring
• IP Law
• IT, Media and Telecommunications
• Joint Ventures
• License and Know-How
• Litigation and International Arbitration
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Pharmaceutical Law
• Public Procurement & PPP
• Real Estate and Construction
• Social and Labor Law
• State Regulations
• Tax Law

The firm continues expanding its litigation and arbitration practices and further developing the practice groups specializing in energy, RES and natural resources, technology, media and telecommunications, as well as to creating and developing an IP practice including patents and trademarks.

Penkov, Markov & Partners
13B Tintyava Str., Floor 6
Sofia, 1113
Tel 359.2.971.3935
Fax 359.2.971.1191

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  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    14, Hadji Dimitar Str., Floor 2
    Bourgas, 8000
    Tel. 359.56.841.173
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  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    10, Bulgaria Square
    Lovech, 5500
    Tel. 359.
    Fax 359.878.43.45.69
  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    2B, Tsar Simeon Str., 2nd floor
    Pleven, 5800
    Tel. 359.64.806.184
    Fax 359.64.806.834
  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    8, Borissova Str.
    5th Floor
    Rousse, 7000
    Tel. 359.82.821.837
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  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    General Gurko Str. 58, Floor 3, office 3
    Stara Zagora, 6000
    Tel. 359.42.661.124
    Fax 359.42.661.125
  • Penkov, Markov & Partners

    277, Vl. Varnenchik Blvd.
    Floor 4, Office 19-22
    Varna, 9000
    Tel. 359.888.935715
    Fax 359.52.502138
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