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Gutiérrez Falla & Associates (“GUFA Law”) diligently works to effectively provide in-depth and thorough legal advice through the synergy of the expertise of its partners and the enthusiasm of its associates. The firm strives to help clients develop their businesses through dedicated, quality legal support and compliance with professional ethics.

GUFA Law is one of the most experienced law firms in commercial and corporate law in Honduras. It is considered one of the main players in Honduras. The firm offers an extensive variety of services and results-orientated work in all areas of business law. The firm has increased its client portfolio considerably. In addition, its practice in sanitary registration of products, Public-Private Partnerships projects, mining projects, energy projects and litigation has strengthened.

GUFA Law focuses in foreign investment. With almost 50 years of history, GUFA Law is composed of qualified professionals who preform high-level services. Another reason for the firm’s consistent success is its practical business solutions that are viable, innovative and cost-effective.

GUFA Law is very committed to remain in the forefront of Honduran developments.

Areas of Practice

• Antitrust and Competition Law
• Corporate and Commercial Law
• Energy and Environmental law
• Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents
• Joint Ventures
• Labor Law
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Mining Law
• Private Public Partnerships (PPP)
• Real Estate Transactions
• Sanitary Registration of Products

Avenida La Paz, No. 2702
Tegucigalpa, MDC
Tel 504.2238.5595
Fax 504.2238.6109

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