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Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji, o.p., d.o.o. is a full-service business law firm that continues the tradition of a partnership established in 1961.

The firm has a client-oriented team: they are working hard to understand the clients' business goals and develop relationships which endure through good times and bad. The firm's lawyers try to anticipate and head off potential legal issues for the clients before they become commercial issues. They are absolutely committed to professional excellence and the highest levels of responsiveness, and pay meticulous attention to detail. This discipline, in addition to the their hard work, knowledge and dedication to the highest level of ethical values, ensures that their clients receive practical, precise and individually tailored legal advice.

Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji practices in the following areas: corporate and commercial law; mergers and acquisitions; real estate and construction; banking and finance; insurance law; energy and environmental law; antitrust and competition; litigation and alternative dispute resolution; insolvency and restructuring; intellectual property; capital markets; procurement law; labor law; consumer law and data protection; media law; telecommunications and IT; and tax.

Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji
Komenskega ulica 36
Ljubljana, 1000
Tel 386.1.300.76.50
Fax 386.1.433.70.98

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