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Since 1946, the law firm of Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C. (“Lynn Jackson”) has provided expert legal representation to a broad array of clients not only within the state of South Dakota, but throughout the United States and internationally. With offices in South Dakota’s two largest cities, Sioux Falls and Rapid City, the firm offers the resources, diversity and expertise needed to keep pace with the changes taking place in today’s environment.

Business The firm’s lawyers assist clients in meeting their strategic business objectives in virtually every type of commercial, financial and corporate transaction. They have extensive experience in acquisitions and mergers, the formation of partnerships and corporations and other legal entities, bank and other credit financing, shareholder and partnership agreements and intellectual property.

Civil Litigation Lynn Jackson’s team of experienced litigators handles a wide variety of civil lawsuits and disputes in courts and other tribunals across the country. The firm’s primary goal is to achieve the best possible results for its clients. Lynn Jackson gives great care to efficient case management and cost containment while providing the necessary legal services. Its most significant areas of concentration are: business, commercial and real estate; construction litigation; copyright and trademark; employment law; Federal Indian law; medical malpractice or personal injury; products liability; tort and insurance practice; and workers’ compensation.

Employment Law Lynn Jackson’s practice in employment law covers all areas of actual or potential disputes between labor and management. It has earned recognition for its proficiency before administrative agencies and all courts in the areas of employee dismissal and grievances, wrongful termination and discrimination claims, workplace safety and health, fair labor standards problems, wage and hour issues and workers’ compensation coverage.

Real Property The lawyers at Lynn Jackson possess the experience and capability to counsel clients in every phase of negotiations. This experience includes land development, acquisitions and sales, zoning, financing, property management, commercial leasing, construction and engineering, and trust formation and management.

Taxation Representation of national retailers and wholesalers, manufacturers, individuals, and technology and software companies in state and local tax planning, disputes, legislation, audit defense and litigation.

Trusts and Estates Personalized strategies for estate planning, wealth and business preservation, probate, trust administration and litigation, employee and retirement benefits, as well as experience with tax exempt, non-profit organizations.

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