Lex Mundi Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide

With a Focus on Latin America

The past decade has seen a significant increase in the enforcement of anti-corruption laws around the world. In Latin America, several countries have amended their legislation to facilitate the prosecution of bribe payments, and in others, enforcement has been strengthened and the number of investigations and prosecutions has escalated. Given this new wave of enforcement, it is imperative that legal teams within organizations understand how the anti-corruption laws in jurisdictions in which they operate apply to, and inform the way in which they conduct their business. Lex Mundi’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide sets out a summary of the legal landscape in 18 jurisdictions in Latin America. Its innovative format will allow users to compare anticorruption legislation from multiple jurisdictions in a side-by-side customizable report.

The guide was compiled with the contributions of Lex Mundi member firms across the region and edited by Veronica Yepez of Pérez Bustamante & Ponce.