On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi

An ongoing series of video updates on the effects of COVID-19 from a legal perspective, featuring Lex Mundi member firms from around the globe. Lex Mundi’s footprint covers 125+ countries, in all corners of the world.


On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Sebastian M. Iribarne, Partner at Marval, O’Farrell y Mairal, the Lex Mundi firm for Argentina, provides an overview of the current environment businesses are faced with under lockdown.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Danielle Lobo, partner at Afridi & Angell, Lex Mundi’s member firm for the United Arab Emirates, provides an overview of issues facing businesses in the UAE and the measures the government is taking.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Ammalia Putri, Partner at ABNR, the Lex Mundi firm for Indonesia discusses this and other issues facing the world’s fourth most populous nation.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Aly El Shalakany, Senior Partner at Shalakany, Lex Mundi’s member firm for Egypt, provides a unique insight into how the country is fairing under COVID-19.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Tamar Tammes, Managing Partner at Burness Paull, Lex Mundi’s member firm for Scotland, explains how sweeping new regulations are likely to be introduced across a raft of industries in the months ahead.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:
Hong Kong

Cynthia Chung, partner at Deacons, Lex Mundi’s member firm for Hong Kong, explains how despite generous government intervention, employers are increasingly looking at options to reduce headcount.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

João Encarnação, partner at MdME Lawyers, Lex Mundi’s member firm for Macau, explains the situation in a jurisdiction where the risk of local infection is virtually zero, but where reliance on income from tourist spending is impacting the economy and business.

On-The-Ground With Lex Mundi:

Paulo Coelho da Rocha, partner at Demarest, talks about COVID19’s impact on Brazil and how his firm has adapted in the face of the crisis.



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