Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Law Guide

In light of the rising, and now acute, interest in global climate change policies, this guide was developed to help in-house counsel understand relevant policies, measures and legislation related to climate change regimes in more than 30 jurisdictions around the world.

“Climate change is a pertinent issue as we move into the new decade. Lex Mundi is pleased to curate this thought-leadership guide to assist both in-house and outside counsel in navigating these often-updated regulations. This global guide will be regularly updated with current changes and new jurisdictional responses” explains Lauren Smith, Lex Mundi Business Development Manager.

Specific questions and topics addressed include:

The guide draws on the expertise of our member firms from around the world. Its innovative format allows users to compare current information from multiple jurisdictions in a side-by-side customizable report.

The guide was created by Lex Mundi with the help of Houthoff, Lex Mundi member firm for The Netherlands.


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