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Lex Mundi shares the latest commentary, perspective and analysis from its member firms and thought leaders around the world. Explore what industry and regional experts are discussing right here in our latest collection of Insights and use their in-depth knowledge and experience to help shape your strategic approach.

Lex Mundi Global M&A Trends Report

In light of the increasingly complex global market, the report compiles the insights from 69 member firms from across the globe in regard to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in their respective jurisdictions, including key concerns facing private company M&A practitioners, deal activity by market segment and sector, and predictions for 2020.

Big Data and Big Brother: How General Counsel Cope with Artificial Intelligence in an Era of Economic Nationalism

The 2019 Lex Mundi Summit in Amsterdam brought together thought leaders and recent government officials from the US and EU to consider the challenges that arise from the intersection of AI with economic interventionism. The resulting report analyzing the best-practices and perspectives shared among general counsel brought to light three practical areas requiring vigilance from the General Counsel, as even traditional industries become digital players and business models evolve including governance, compliance, and the legal function.

Lex Mundi 2019 Healthcare and Life Sciences Global Trends Report

This complimentary report has been developed to help in-house counsel anticipate and proactively respond to shifting regulatory and legislative challenges in the jurisdictions where they operate.

Key Business and Legal Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean

This guide has been developed to help in-house counsel understand the general business environment as well important trends within industries, laws and regulations and transactional activities in 26 key jurisdictions in the region.

Lex Mundi Blockchain Resources

Resources designed to help in-house counsel understand how blockchain may be incorporated into business activities and to keep up-to-date with what is happening around the world.

Wrestling with Volatility: How General Counsel are Adapting to a VUCA World

In today’s world, general counsel face an ever-increasing demand to manage exponentially more risks, involving greater complexity, in much shorter time frames and with more potential impact on business performance. It is a circle that cannot be squared.

Into the Cyberbreach: How CLOs Build Organizational Resilience and Lead During Crises

The risk of corporate cyberbreaches has become not just a potentiality but an eventuality with severe implications for basic business continuity and significant liabilities related to preemptive (in) action and post-breach responsiveness. As multinational enterprises embed information technology deeper and deeper into operations, products and services, they face unforeseeable cybersecurity vulnerabilities that expose management systems as well as critical physical and intellectual assets to this inevitable cyberbreach risk.

The Role of the General Counsel in Protecting Enterprise Reputation: Navigating the Company to its North Star

This report analyzes best-practices and perspectives shared among general counsel during Lex Mundi’s 2016 Summit in Amsterdam, where speakers and participants examined three critical aspects of protecting the reputation of the multinational enterprise including the scope of the general counsel’s role in building and protecting the enterprise’s reputation, how general counsel carry out the role of protecting the enterprise’s reputation and the roles general counsel are playing as part of overall crisis preparation.

Changing Competition Regimes: Organizational Best Practices for Navigating Cross-Border Legal and Political Risks

This report analyzes distinct trends in competition law that are impacting the strategy and performance of multinational companies, including the globalization of competition law, fragmentation of enforcement action, diversification of enforcement mandates by agencies, cooperation among competition agencies and increasing litigation.

Cross-Border M&A: How General Counsel Can Manage Demand, Deliver Quality and Articulate Value

This report discusses the best-practices in managing demand, delivering quality and articulating value in cross-border M&A. Specifically, we delve into four critical disciplines that make the difference between more and less successful M&A outcomes.

ASEAN Regulations for Cross-Border Security Offerings

With the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community at the end of 2015, the capital markets practices of Lex Mundi member firms operating in ASEAN have come together to share with clients and stakeholders an overview of the regulations applicable to the cross-border offer of securities within each ASEAN member state. This guide sets out fundamental elements such as the regulatory body, registration and exemption requirements, securities marketing regulations, sponsor or agent engagement requirements as well as any disclosure requirements and relevant considerations.

Africa 2016: Legal Strategies for Investment and Growth

African countries offer enormous potential for overseas investors, but there are also some serious challenges to overcome. This article summarizes the landscape of the legal market in Africa and how to manage risk.

Lex Mundi Client Briefing: Investing in Africa

Lex Mundi and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) joined forces to present a series of symposia in New York, Paris and London focused on investing in Africa. The symposia were specifically designed for in-house counsel advising organizations that operate in Africa or considering entering African markets.The meetings presented a unique opportunity to hear from Lex Mundi member firms whose offices span 17 jurisdictions and to debate issues including Africa’s rapidly evolving legal regimes and the harmonization of laws within regional institutions such as COMESA and OHADA. This document is intended to recap the insights and expertise shared at the events.