Lex Mundi member firms commit to provide excellent service in accordance with these standards.

Adherence to Standards

Lex Mundi periodically and systematically reviews its member firms for continued adherence to our standards of excellence. Our member firms commit to periodic reevaluation of their personnel and service performance as a condition of continued membership in Lex Mundi.


Lex Mundi member firms understand that rapid response times are essential to client service. In recognition of this:

Client service platform

Lex Mundi member firms are focused on understanding the client’s desired business outcome, communicating continuously, and managing the project efficiently so as to deliver value to the client. Lex Mundi member firms will:


Lex Mundi member firms will:

Estimates / billing

Lex Mundi member firms will provide upon request:


Lex Mundi member firms will provide:


Lex Mundi member firms will promptly (i) address client concerns involving the service of their own firm; and (ii) communicate any relevant client concerns to the other Lex Mundi member firms.

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