Your World Ready Partners

To perform globally, you need an edge locally.  Succeeding in today’s ever-changing global marketplace requires in-depth understanding of local cultures, economies, laws, governments, trends and business climates in order to anticipate and react quickly to changes in the market.  Lex Mundi member firms are territory experts and leaders in their jurisdictions.  Each has broad knowledge and understanding of their respective markets – how those markets were developed, their peculiarities, their drivers and their rules and regulations.

Lex Mundi member firms work together fluidly and efficiently across borders. They can mobilize cross-border teams with the combined local perspectives needed to quickly interpret your opportunities and challenges.

Through close collaboration, Lex Mundi member firms deliver new perspectives, fresh thinking and rigorous questioning that are key to innovation in today’s markets.  It’s the smart resource that today’s cross-border business environment demands.  Lex Mundi is World Ready, providing the insight, innovation, resources and cross-border connections you need to meet the challenges of doing business in virtually any market, virtually anywhere in the world.

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Our Members Firms

Premier Member Firms in the United States

World Ready Capabilities

You can have confidence that the right legal partner is looking out for you, no matter where your business takes you. You can rely on our network of 160 premier member law firms in more than 100 countries.

Indigenous Insight

Member firms have the accrued experience of their markets and offer the “on the ground” expertise you require to advance your goals.

Innovative Solutions

Through our network members gain new perspectives and fresh thinking that are key to innovation in today’s markets.

Smart Resourcing

Members provide you preferred access to legal resources with true cross-border connections ready and waiting wherever needed.

Cross-Border Connectivity

Our member firms assemble experienced client teams to deliver streamlined solutions that meet your multijurisdictional legal needs.

Seamless Client Solutions

Lex Mundi member firms are accustomed to working together according to our seamless service protocols, which provide guidelines, procedures and best practices for how members collaborate on behalf of a common client. This assures that you benefit from the deep local expertise, talent and connections of multiple member firms while experiencing the ease and efficiencies of working with a single firm.

"Lex Mundi has made it easy, providing a single main firm contact and assuring me of seamless service across all locations."

Ashok Kumar Kinra JK Tyre & Industries Limited, India

World Ready Respect and Confidence

Lex Mundi is a mark of excellence. Member firms are carefully vetted for their individual market expertise and are continuously reviewed for quality assurance. With Lex Mundi’s network of premier member law firms, you can be confident of receiving knowledgeable, experienced assistance from legal professionals who are leaders in their local markets. Through close collaboration, information-sharing, training and inter-firm initiatives, Lex Mundi is an assurance of connected, on-the ground expertise in every market where you need to operate.

Recruiting Standards

Recruiting Standards

We employ a rigorous method of selecting and admitting new member firms. Each member firm is selected on the basis of its leadership in – and continued commitment to – its local market. Evaluation criteria include quality, responsiveness, ability to provide a full range of legal services, reputation, technology, management structure, training programs and ethical standards.

Membership Review

Membership Review

Member firms must maintain their level of excellence to retain membership within Lex Mundi. To assure that our members continue to be the most highly regarded firms in their jurisdictions – and that they remain committed to providing responsive, exceptional legal services – we regularly undertake and in-depth review each firm.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Lex Mundi member firm lawyers stay at the top of their fields. We work continuously to raise the bar of excellence for all member firms through professional development efforts such as enhancing their ability to offer exceptional client services, offering cutting-edge in-person training programs, developing best practices programs, offering regional professional development support services and through our women in the law initiative.

Service Standards

Service Standards

Lex Mundi member firms share an unyielding commitment to world-class client service. Each member adheres to a general service philosophy as well as to specific service standards – such as full English speaking capabilities internationally – to assure a high degree of consistency, quality, satisfaction and confidence.

Client Involvement

Client Involvement

Lex Mundi works closely with its Client Advisory Council to obtain feedback directly from in-house counsel in a variety of areas that enhance member firms’ ability to better meet the demands and exceed the service expectations of clients.