Lex Mundi Equisphere

Lex Mundi Equisphere® enables our outstanding member firms to work together as one, delivering to clients a joined up, single-stop solution for their multi jurisdictional engagements.

It is a project management solution that provides clients with the services of specialised project managers, access to an online dashboard functionality for real time reporting, and which is supported by online training packages.

Designed to work for complex multinational matters, Lex Mundi Equisphere delivers the following easily, efficiently and excellently:

  • Matter scoping
  • Coordination of engagement letters
  • Matter management and reporting
  • Coordination of billing

Lex Mundi Equisphere can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client and engagement.  All built upon Lex Mundi’s unrivalled coverage, consistency of quality and excellence and on the ground technical expertise and connections.


Cross-border Projects


To discuss how Lex Mundi Equisphere could simplify delivery of your legal services, contact:

Eric Staal 1500Px

Eric Staal Vice President, Global Markets

Horizon Scanning
Lex Mundi's global Horizon Scanning service provides risk mapping tailored to the precise geographic footprint of your project or business.

This powerful risk management tool helps you identify future vulnerabilities and blind spots. It empowers you to anticipate and proactively respond to regulatory challenges in the exact jurisdictions where your business operates.

A member of the Lex Mundi team will work with you to scope your unique Horizon Scan, analyze input from across our worldwide network, and report findings.

First we define the areas of business and legal risk that affect your business units. Then set a time horizon to look ahead, and select the jurisdictions which match your global footprint, supply chain and key markets. We deliver a Horizon Scan report which describes the risk drivers for each jurisdiction, benchmarks them against your operational priorities and provides expert contacts at Lex Mundi member firms for you to explore each predicted risk in detail.

To discuss how Horizon Scanning can help you plan ahead, contact:

Jenny Karlsson 1500Px

Jenny Karlsson Director, Global Markets / Head of Legal