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M&A Trends Report

The global pandemic that shook the world in 2020 had a massive impact in 2021 as well, and although it continues to disrupt and affect virtually everyone’s life, it appears to be doing this less than many expected. Brexit too appears to have had less of an impact on business in Europe than perhaps anticipated – for now.

The pandemic continues to play a role in of M&A transactions (for example evident in heightened due diligence on its effects on target companies) but it seems to occupy peoples’ minds much less than at the beginning of 2021.

This report was produced by the Lex Mundi Cross-Border Transactions (CBT) Group. The CBT Group provides access to the experienced, top-tier legal advice clients require to expand their operations and investments into global markets. Through our member firms’ global reach, and their indigenous know-how and the relationships that they have fostered with regulators and other key stakeholders in their respective jurisdictions, the CBT Group is uniquely positioned to counsel clients on successfully executing complex cross-border transactions and multijurisdictional projects.

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