Lex Mundi Global Token Sales Guide

In a time when capital raising transactions referred to as “token offerings”, aka “token sales”, “token launches”, “Initial Coin Offerings” or “ICOs” are the latest trend, and regulators are struggling to create a consistent regulatory framework and grappling with whether ICOs should be further regulated, the Lex Mundi working group for blockchain has prepared a Global Token Sales Guide, providing users with a summary of the different regulatory regimes surrounding ICOs in each jurisdiction. The guide draws on the expertise of our member firms located in key jurisdictions around the world. Its innovative format allows users to compare information from multiple jurisdictions in a side-by-side customizable report. As this is a rapidly evolving area of law, this guide will continue to be updated throughout the year as regulators may change their stance towards ICOs and enforcement actions may continue to clarify the application of existing laws to ICOs.

A complete suite of blockchain resources can also be accessed on the Lex Mundi website at: Lex Mundi Blockchain Resources.